We stock a wide range of tyres from car, vans and 4×4 tyres to ones specifically for caravans and trailers. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you decide which ones are best for your vehicle. And we can fit them during your routine visits to save any inconvenience.

Even top of the range tyres start to deteriorate over time. It doesn’t have to be linked to use or mileage. Believe it or not a tyre that’s never been driven on will still begin to weaken. The materials used to make tyres naturally age as soon as they leave the factory. Exposure to heat, UV rays and rain all take their toll.

If you spot cracks come in and our team will check them over for you to make sure they are safe.

Tyre ageing is more common on caravans, trailers and other vehicles only used occasionally. Come and see our team before you head off on a trip to make sure you’re safe to travel.

We can also carry out wheel alignment to your vehicle. This will help get the most from your new tyres, aid fuel efficiency and improve the overall driving experience.

Not sure what type you need, pop in to see our team or have a look at the different types below to see what would suit your vehicle.

We stock a wide selection of Summer, Winter, All season, 4×4, Caravan and motorhome, Van, HGV and LGV tyres.